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„People know more about the dramas of this world than about their solutions. We are here to change that.“

- Carl-A. Fechner, film producer & director 

What began in 1989 as a small company with great ideals has since become one of the most renowned film productions in Germany. For over 30 years, fechnerMEDIA produces films that give impetus, which inspire, are courageous and unconventional and are produced to the highest quality, together with a love for detail. True to their motto, the fechnerMEDIA team focuses on topics in areas of sustainability, renewable energies and social justice: To show role models for sustainable action. 
The company now looks back on over 50 TV documentaries, 3 cinema documentaries (THE 4th REVOLUTION with over 10 million viewers worldwide, POWER TO CHANGE and CLIMATE WARRIORS) and countless image and information films for sustainable companies. Their projects have so far led the team around Carl-A. Fechner to meet fascinating, inspiring and special people in over 80 countries. 


For more than 30 years, filmmaking at fechnerMEDIA has been formed by one important goal: to showcase examples of sustainable action. Our TV documentaries and cinema documentaries have been seen by millions of viewers all over the world – and have won prestigious prizes at international film festivals.

From the outset, we have produced films for society, driven by the power of the general public. The independent financing of our cinema documentaries is of great importance to us.

Our films THE 4th REVOLUTION, POWER TO CHANGE and CLIMATE WARRIORS would not have been possible without the support of many committed, visionary people. People like you!

Producer and director Carl-A. Fechner was recently awarded the 2019 German Solar Prize for his life’s work and decades of commitment to the environment.

Carl-A. Fechner

Carl-A. Fechner, director 

Carl-A. Fechner is a graduate pedagogue, journalist, filmmaker and producer.

Since its founding in 1989, Carl-A. Fechner’s company fechnerMEDIA has demonstrated examples of sustainable action – in a large number of internationally award-winning documentaries, publicity campaigns and cross-media projects.

Johanna Jaurich

Johanna Jaurich, director

During the course of her media studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Johanna Jaurich focused on film studies and media psychology.

She gained experience at Greenpeace in the video-editing department and also across a number of independent film projects

Katja Schwenke, Creative Producer

Since studying International Management (BIM), Katja Schwenke has been interested in sustainable economic concepts and a change in the values and systems within the business world.

She then entered the field of renewable energies, spending 10 years as a member of the board of WKN AG, growing a start-up company into a leading international medium-sized business.

Over the course of her work as an entrepreneur and executive coach, Katja further educated herself in documentary filmmaking and worked as an executive producer in the music industry and also as a screenwriter.

With FRIDAYS, she has found a cinema documentary project that combines her areas of interest and supports the project as a creative producer.

Gabriele Di Stefano, Production manager

In 2002 Gabriele Di Stefano started out at fechnerMEDIA as a Production Assistant working on diverse film projects.

In 2006 she became the company’s Head of Production responsible for numerous successful TV and corporate films.

In 2009 she took a one-year professional development course by the Cologne Film School and Babelsberg Studios to become a certified production manager and producer.

Patrick Fait, Studio manager

From 2009 to 2013, Patrick Fait completed his training as a media designer for image and sound at fechnerMEDIA and subsequently worked as the technical director. During his time at fechnerMEDIA and his following studies at the FH Dortmund in Film & Sound with focus on film, Patrick implemented numerous projects as a graphic designer and cutter.

Since 2018, Patrick Fait has once again become an integral part of our team and is responsible for handling the post production of FRIDAYS.

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