In times of crises the world needs a new vision. What’s your story of a new world?


FRIDAYS invites you on a journey that encourages you not to lose your lust for life, in spite of the challenges we face! 


It was kids who were the loudest to raise an alarm. Millions of students from the Fridays for Future movement sent a wake-up call to the adults. “Our house is on fire” and “you steal our future” they shouted to urge decision-makers to act against the climate change. How could we let it come to the point where millions of children are existentially afraid of their own future?

It is up to us to continue writing the history of mankind. This future the youth demands already exists in many parts of the world – hundreds of creative individuals drive the change daily in their communities, businesses and governments. How do entire cities transform their urban spaces to go green, sustainable and smart? And what’s the last ingredient we need to turn local transformation into a global one?

We meet renowned changemakers of our time, chairmen of global corporations, inhabitants of the poorest slums of the world, leading scientists, philosophers and ordinary people to find out. We experience what unites people like the Dalai Lama, Noam Chomsky, or Vandana Shiva and find out what the decisive impulse was for them to dedicate their lives to a societal transformation. 

We will discover and share the immense power that lies in our intuition, our feelings, our community and ourselves. FRIDAYS takes all of us on a game-changing journey to the origins of a positive change.


The energy follows the thoughts. To find ways out of the global crises, it is imperative to start telling ourselves different stories: stories of positive change and success. Hundreds of people and projects around the globe are living a sustainable transformation. 

Each of them drives a small revolution of their own. In order to find the most inspiring examples of global changemakers, we have been researching for months on six continents. In a few weeks we will announce our final protagonists for the documentary film FRIDAYS.

And we promise: they will impress you!

In many parts of the world people already live in the world of tomorrow. Do you know such people or are you one of them yourself? Share your/their story with our global social media community!

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​The story of a new world