Johanna Jaurich

During the course of her media studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Johanna Jaurich focused on film studies and media psychology.

She gained experience at Greenpeace in the video-editing department and also across a number of independent film projects.

Since 2017, she supports fechnerMEDIA as an author, director and producer and is responsible for the development and realisation of TV documentaries, cinema documentaries and corporate films.

Her most recent film MY FUTURE WITHOUT COAL was aired in prime time in TV and reached over 500,000 people.



I belong to Generation Y.

We are regared as politically disenchanted, always on the mobile phone, always questioning and feeling European.

I have to admit, I don‘t find this diagnosis that bad at all.

But there’ll be no talk of political disenchantment in my generation!

When I first heard about „Fridays for Future“, I knew that this movement would change the world!
Whether in Chile, Canada, Spain, Thailand or Uganda – young, well-informed people are joining forces everywhere, before it’s too late, to shake the foundations of a system that is doomed to failure. They have nothing to lose, except perhaps good school-leaving grades or a career in some conservative parties. But they can win a lot: Experience and knowledge, a huge global network of allies, making their voices heard, organising demos, courage, strength and inspiration for their future lives. My curiosity was aroused.
As a filmmaker I followed this impulse and ended up in Stockholm with Greta Thunberg. I wanted to know who this girl was, who with her radical decision to strike at school from now on gave impetus to the biggest youth climate movement of all time. We talked for a long time and it became clear to me: „Fridays for Future“ is not a hip trend of 10 to 25 year olds, but a highly political movement with immense clout. After that, I got on the road as a filmmaker, filming at many other demonstrations and school strikes. When I looked through my camera – in front of me thousands of colourful posters, dancing children and teenagers screaming courage, hope and confidence in the face of global problems – I realized: This generation is writing contemporary history! And that requires a feature film! 
The right partner was quickly found: Carl-A. Fechner is considered the most renowned filmmaker for sustainable documentaries in Germany. The combination of his expertise from more than 80 films under his belt, and my special access to our protagonists promises great things! And I can barely wait to finally get started…
– Johanna Jaurich