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FRIDAYS ​- The Story of a New World

If you had the power to create a better future – what would it look like? 

How can a thriving planet benefit eight billion people, rather than being exploited by a few?

This vision can become a reality sooner than ever – all technical solutions are already there. Humanity is on the verge of the next quantum leap. So, what do we need to find the courage to finally jump?

Why the film is needed now

We believe that we live in a time of positive transformation.

The current global crises are a wake-up call for all of us: redesigning the flaws in the system that caused it is more urgent than ever.The climate crisis is a crucial test for humanity: are we able to create a more sustainable, peaceful world to preserve our own livelihoods? It takes creativity, willingness and courage to find alternatives. But above all, it takes a vision. If this is not the future we all hoped for, then what is?

Join us in our mission to film those who right now work against the clock to create solutions for a world worth living in. Let economists, activists, scientists, politicians and inventors help us discover the secret power within us. How can you join? Support the film or become an ambassador yourself! 

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We’re inviting you not only to an extraordinary cinematic experience together with a worldwide impact campaign, but to much more:
the momentous and decisive story of a new world!

By supporting FRIDAYS, you stand behind a movie that can inspire a global transformation.

You invest in education for future generations, in formation of a sustainable mindset and driving social innovation.
And on top of that, we want to help you present your story and most impressive projects for the social change to our huge community of like-minded people.

The Team

„People know more about the dramas of this world than about their solutions. We are here to change that.“
– Carl-A. Fechner, film producer & director 

What began in 1989 as a small company with great ideals has since become one of the most renowned film productions in Germany.

For over 30 years, fechnerMEDIA produces films that give impetus, which inspire, are courageous and unconventional and are produced to the highest quality, together with a love for detail. True to their motto, the fechnerMEDIA team focuses on topics in areas of sustainability, renewable energies and social justice:

To show role models for sustainable action. 


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