Carl-A. Fechner

Carl-A. Fechner is a graduate pedagogue, journalist, filmmaker and producer.

Since its founding in 1989, Carl-A. Fechner’s company fechnerMEDIA has demonstrated examples of sustainable action – in a large number of internationally award-winning documentaries, publicity campaigns and cross-media projects.

After his successful cinema debut in 2010 with the film THE 4th REVOLUTION (10 million viewers worldwide), his film POWER TO CHANGE became Germany’s most widely viewed political cinema documentary of the year.

As winner of the European Solar Prize and the B.A.U.M. Environmental Prize, Carl-A. Fechner has long been convinced of the need for a comprehensive change in values.


The film about the largest youth climate movement in the world, „Fridays For Future“!

The film project FRIDAYS has the potential to strengthen the rapid momentum of the environmental movement. It is now that a rousing documentary film can give people tremendous power.

That is our ideal goal.

he climate movements of the past may never have penetrated to the core of society, may be despondent in the face of an apathetic public and the resistance of its political and economic leaders and opponents. This may be the case with “Fridays For Future”, too. Even then this film is going to be indispensable.  
If the movement does grow, this film can and should gain the status of a global bridge. A bridge of inspiration, emotion and journalistically detailed justification for the actions of the students and the presentation of their goals. To this end, we want to distribute the project worldwide through all channels that our current media world allows and demands: from multiplex cinema to SVOD series, across international TV stations and social media clips. 
I am burning for this film. For me, FRIDAYS represents the conclusion and apex of my documentary work. Everything that I have
experienced in 30 years of film, all I have tried out and successfully realised in more than 80 TV and cinema films, will flow into this project. Sponsors, distributors, editors, cinema operators, spectators, activists and supporters will feel and experience this passion: It is time for great things. 
When a 65 year old experienced filmmaker and a 25 year-old, highly talented and young director team up for this considerable
challenge, the result is likely to be a unique work. A film that carries people on a wave, which informs and inspires them – and ultimately makes them happy. Our previous films have shown us this is possible, films that have been translated into over 30 languages. With FRIDAYS we want to break through the borders. I am looking forward to it!
– Carl-A. Fechner