What‘s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Friday? Next weekend? Or the biggest climate protests that the world has ever witnessed? 
Within a very short period of time, a global climate movement has emerged in over 170 countries around the world. Its power and urgency have dramatically shaken our society’s foundations to their core. For weeks now, children and young people have been demonstrating on the streets instead of going to school on Fridays. Their message may sound simple, but it addresses the biggest crisis the global community has ever faced: „We are here, we are loud, because our future is being stolen!”
Climate change, biodiversity loss, droughts, famines and wars are just some of the problems that will hit this generation so hard that their lives are literally at stake. These threats are becoming more and more pervasive and are causing millions of children to demand that adults act with resolve to preserve their future: Courageous, visible and globally networked. This generation is writing contemporary history. 
We would like to invite you, dear readers, to become part of this story! 
Join us in creating an extraordinary, cutting-edge documentary film, which will take us across six continents to young people who are outstandingly committed to the preservation of our livelihoods on this planet. Children who are personally affected by environmental and social problems but who, through inspiring, hopeful and touchingly optimistic examples, show that solutions do exist. With your support, an extraordinary film will be able to be made that captures their commitment in colourful, impressive and enthralling images for all eternity. 
FRIDAYS invites you on a journey that encourages you not to lose your lust for life, in spite of the challenges we face! 


Hope in the face of mankind’s greatest crisis? FRIDAYS succeeds in uniting global threats and the irrepressible spirit of survival of an entire generation in one powerful film. 
The all-pervading power of a dreaming child leads into the real struggle of seven young people across Earth’s
continents. The film makes it possible to experience the real challenges of our time, which put these children’s future at a crossroads. At the same time, FRIDAYS visualizes the dreams and visions of millions of young people who have joined the largest youth climate movement of all time, „Fridays for Future“, to save the world together.
FRIDAYS tells a hopeful story of determination, courage, joie de vivre and
perseverance in the face of life threatening crises. Seven young people, who are particularly affected by the problems of our time, give us exclusive insights into their everyday lives in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa, North and South America. 
The children’s related individual stories are connected by dreamy, philosophical sequences of a little girl (between seven and nine years old). We hear her voice as she talks about her dreams and roams nature in lyrical, playful passages, traveling through both scenes of destruction and also refuges that inspire confidence. She always remains unrecognizable, vague in appearance, a kind of intimated conscience of our time. She allows us to participate gently, childishly and yet painfully consistently with her in her thoughts about the future of the planet – because her future is at stake. She juggles with what she dreams up, as she would with balls in the air, so playfully that it seems unimaginable that her worst nightmares have long since become real.
We realise: What is happening right now is no bad dream. It is a glimpse into our future. And we have but a few years left to change it for the better. FRIDAYS is dedicated to this generation that puts a gun to our heads in a forceful and frightening, yet also in a confident and life-affirming way, reminding us all that we have only this one planet.

The protagonists

Hundreds of thousands of young people worldwide are now involved in „Fridays For Future“.

Each of them has a story of their own. In order to find the most exciting, touching and impressive protagonists, we have been researching for months on six continents of this earth. In a few weeks we will announce our final protagonists for the documentary film FRIDAYS. Our goal: We want to map the range of youthful commitment to more climate and environmental protection in a versatile, comprehensive and inspiring way.

And we promise you: these youngsters will impress you!

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It’s our future