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Are you part of #FridaysforFuture and participated at the #GlobalEarthStrike 2019? Would you like to be part of our international feature documentary?

#FRIDAYS will be the film about the biggest climate movement of all times, #FridaysForFuture. It will be coming to cinemas around the world in spring 2020… And here’s your chance to make #FRIDAYS YOUR film!

We are officially inviting YOU to take part in #FRIDAYS!

Send us your video of your local Earth Strike! Give us a glimpse into your preparations, actions and statements – because this is your strike and #FRIDAYS is going to be your film. Let us hear about your motivation, why you are a part of the #FridaysforFuture movement and how you are working on a sustainable future. We would love to see how you inspire your home town to take some action for #ClimateJustice, too! The best videos will be featured in our film #FRIDAYS, which will be released in cinemas around the world in spring 2020.


  1. Make #FRIDAYS your film.
  2. Join the Global Earth Strike on September 20th or September 27th with everyone you know.
  3. Film yourself in landscape format with your smartphone or any other camera. Please make sure, it’s HD quality (at least 1280×720) and the video is no longer than 10 minutes. Share your preparations and the strike with us.
  4. If you’re really cool, let us know in two sentences, why this is the right moment to take climate action and what’s your personal goal behind your engagement.
  5. Send us your unedited .mov- or .mp4-files via or any other video sharing platform (e.g. Google Drive, YouTube, Vimeo) to by October 4th, 2019. Please include a short message stating the location of filming, your contact details and that you agree to our terms and conditions.
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  7. Join our #FRIDAYS-community on Facebook and Instagram: Like & share this film with your network!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you’re having any further questions:
You can find more details on how to get your videos to us and our submission guidelines here:  
Call for Submissions #GlobalEarthStrike

Terms and Conditions can be found here .

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